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  Presenting :   BLUETOOTH  customized SOLUTIONS - kundetilpassede løsninger
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                    BLE Bluetooth Beacon Gateway  LTE 2G GSM Gprs
                    BLE Bluetooth Beacon Gateway to NB-iot LTE 5G Cat M1- NB2

                    BLE Bluetooth Beacon Gateway to Wi-Fi / Ethernet
                    BLE Bluetooth iiot

   Automotive truck & car solutions  included cloud management system solutions
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**  Bluetooth - Beacon  GateWays (  IP67 waterproof for truck mounting )
** GSM NB-ioT Control Modules R&D
** BT Bluetooth Tracking assets Beacon Development
** Telematics Fleet Management Module Development
** ioT Bluetooth Solution  Developments
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LTE Cat M1, NB1, M-Bus, IP68, FOTA, RS232, RS485,
multi I/O, relay, m2m, NB-IOT terminal. DIN-Rail, Sealed LID, Pulse,
Battery Operated. Mobile Modems and Routers. Industrial IoT Solutions.


LTE cat m1 NB2 Gateway - Bluetooth NB ioT udvikling  

                         Bluetooth BlueGateway

                         Bluetooth BeaconGateway

                         Bluetooth Sensor ioT Gateway

                                     Bluetooth ioT solutions

                          Bluetooth BlueBeacon

 Mød os på  Elektronik Messen E20 / E21 / E22    i  Odense  2022

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Customized Bluetooth Beacon Tracking  modules & Gateways Customized  NB-IoT wireless modules & Gatewaysbluetracking beacontracking elektronikudvikling EASYIPCU 8870

BeaconTrackingt - We are Still Working on it.

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